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Somatic Arts + Healing Movement

In Flutura Creative’s intergenerational practice of somatics, nature serves as an unparalleled muse, providing both a scientific and spiritual lens through which we can curiously explore the depths and wonder of our being and ultimately find our way back home—to our most authentic self.

From the Whispers of Nature to the Core of You

Unleash the wisdom of your soma (the body as experienced) with Flutura Creative, a human and heart-centered venture founded by Somatic Practitioner, Alexandra Granato-Garcia.

Somatic Arts is for everyBODY, regardless of age, ability, or background. We approach each session with a beginner’s mind. Come as you are, leave expectations aside, and allow the body’s wisdom to lead the way.

Our signature Fluturization sessions are a unique fusion of creative arts and healing movement all inspired by the majesty of nature. As a somatic practitioner, we understand that the human body is not separate from the natural world but deeply interconnected with it, mirroring its rhythms, cycles, and intrinsic wisdom. Nature, in its boundless complexity and simplicity, offers a rich tapestry of metaphors and lessons that guide us in our journey of self-discovery and healing. It teaches us about resilience, adaptability, and transformation to name a few. These natural phenomena provide a framework for understanding our own processes of growth and change, reminding us that we, too, are part of something larger and infinitely beautiful.

By engaging with nature as our muse, we tap into a source of inspiration that is both ancient and perpetually new, inviting us to view ourselves and our somatic practices through a lens that is holistic, integrated, and deeply healing. In this sacred exchange, nature doesn’t just inform our practice—it becomes a part of it, leading us back to the innate wisdom that resides within each cell of our bodies, helping us to remember who we are at our core.

Our Somatic Approach

Discover the #Fluturization Effect

At the heart of my somatic practice lies a profound exploration of transformation and illumination, encapsulated through the symbolic archetypes of the monarch butterfly and the disco ball.

The monarch butterfly, with its astonishing metamorphosis from caterpillar to winged beauty, serves as a powerful emblem of personal evolution and resilience. It reminds us of the imaginal cells within us all, those harbingers of change that compel us to embrace our periods of learning new skills, facing and overcoming challenges, or transitioning from one place to another—the cocoon phase, so that we may emerge resilient and more capable than originally thought possible.

Parallel to this, the disco ball reflects my holistic approach to wellness, casting a myriad of light from its mirrored facets. Each facet represents one’s experiences, stories, and shifts that encourage diversity and compose our perspectives and shared human experience. Just as a disco ball radiates light in every direction, I teach that our inner light, magnified by every small intention and positive change, can illuminate our paths. Thus, transforming our lives and the lives of those around us, one reflective moment at a time. I call this mirroring phenomenon the “Fluturization Effect.”

I integrate these archetypes by cultivating a safe environment for discovery using somatic practices and movement. Through yoga, creative movement, storytelling, and reflective exercises such as art inspired by these archetypes, participants can explore themes of transformation, resilience, acceptance, self-expression, compassion, community, and more. These activities not only foster physical wellness but also emotional and social development. By recognizing their own growth journeys and the unique light they carry within, participants learn to navigate life with confidence from an embodied sense of self. Embracing all the parts of the human experience by appreciating the richness of their own and others’ experiences with kindness and understanding in a safe non-judgmental way. In somatics, we refer to this as the act of witnessing, whether it is self-witnessing or being witnessed by another.

Choose Your Fluturization Experience

1:1 Movement Experience (In-person + Online)
Experience the transformative power of a 90-minute one-on-one somatic movement session with Flutura Creative. You will be guided through a personalized journey of self-discovery and healing, using movement as a key modality for connecting with your body’s innate wisdom. Creative exploration, rooted in the beauty and wisdom of nature, will be interwoven throughout the session to deepen your understanding of yourself and your relationship with the world around you. Each movement experience is designed to meet your unique needs and goals, allowing for a deeply personal and profound somatic journey. Whether you are looking to release tension, find more ease in your body, or simply connect with your inner self, our 1:1 movement experiences offer a safe and supportive space for you to explore, heal, and grow.
Community Workshops
Join our vibrant and inclusive community workshops, where we use the wisdom and inspiration of nature to guide us on a somatic journey. These workshops are centered around different themes related to nature and its cycles, offering a unique opportunity to connect with your body, mind, and spirit while also connecting with others in a supportive group setting. Our in-person pop-up events at local city parks provide a beautiful outdoor space to experience movement and creative expression surrounded by the beauty of nature. For those unable to attend in person, we also offer online events via Zoom, bringing our community together virtually from all corners of the world. With opportunities for group discussions, personalized somatic practices, and creative exploration, these workshops are designed to nourish your whole being and help you find connection and joy in both yourself and the natural world around you.
PlayFlow Sessions (For Community Organizations + Schools)

PlayFlow sessions offer a unique somatic experience for school-age children, tailored to meet their specific physical and emotional needs. Through fun and engaging activities inspired by the natural world, children will learn to connect with their bodies, express themselves creatively, and develop valuable skills such as mindfulness and self-regulation. These sessions are designed to promote physical wellness, emotional resilience, and overall well-being, while also fostering a deep connection with the natural world and its wisdom. Our aim is to empower children to find joy and curiosity in their bodies, allowing them to thrive both inside and outside. Whether it’s through playful movement activities or nature-inspired art projects, our PlayFlow sessions offer a safe and nurturing space for children to explore, learn, and grow.

Speaking + Private Events

Looking for a unique and impactful way to bring somatic awareness and healing movement to your organization, community, or team? Look no further than Flutura Creative’s speaking and private event opportunities. Our founder, Alexandra, is a highly experienced and passionate somatic practitioner who offers an array of options for bringing the transformative power of somatics to your group.

From speaking engagements on topics such as embodied leadership and somatic awareness in the workplace, to crafting personalized somatic experiences for team building or community events, Alexandra’s offerings are rooted in her mission to empower individuals and organizations with wisdom for holistic well-being. Through the lens of somatics, she helps groups cultivate a deeper understanding of their own bodies and nervous systems, leading to improved self-regulation and synergy within the organization. Whether you are looking to foster a more connected and resilient team or promote overall well-being in your community, hiring Alexandra for a speaking engagement or private event is sure to leave a lasting impact on all those involved. Travel is available. 

Honoring the Land

Our Commitment to a Conscious Practice

In the spirit of fostering deep connection, awareness, and healing, we at Flutura Creative recognize the importance of acknowledging the land on which we gather and practice. Our commitment to somatic work—grounded in principles of awareness, respect, and non-judgmental acceptance—extends beyond the individual to embrace the larger ecosystem, including the cultural and historical contexts of our shared spaces.

We acknowledge with respect the traditional custodians of this land, their elders past and present, and all Indigenous peoples whose profound connections to these territories continue to this day. This acknowledgment is a vital step in honoring the original stewards of the land, recognizing their enduring relationship with their ancestral territories, and reflecting on the historical and ongoing impacts of colonization.

Our practice is rooted in the belief that healing and growth occur within a web of interconnectedness—among individuals, communities, and the natural world. By intentionally acknowledging the land, we aim to cultivate a space that honors these connections, promotes reconciliation, and supports collective healing from historical injustices. This practice also serves as a reminder to approach our work with mindfulness, intentionality, and a commitment to ethical engagement.

Through this land acknowledgment, we express our dedication to building an inclusive and respectful somatic practice that acknowledges and learns from the wisdom of Indigenous peoples and the land itself. We see this as an essential step towards creating a more equitable, just, and connected world.

Let this acknowledgment be a living commitment—one that inspires us to deepen our understanding and strengthen our relationships with the land and each other, as we continue on our illumination journey of awareness, healing, and transformation.

We acknowledge that the land we live and work on is the original homelands of the Coahuiltecan and Esto’k Gna tribal nations. The spirits of these lands have guided us on our journey, as we also recognize and honor the enduring presence of Indigenous people still connected to the Somi Se’k territories and Yanaguana, the land of the spirit waters, now commonly called San Antonio, Texas.

*To learn more about land acknowledgment and to map native lands in your area visit,

I’m a Somatic Practitioner who weaves the creative arts + body-based modalities into individual or group experiences. My work is intergenerational and restorative, inspired by the majesty of nature and how it mirrors within our own lives and cycles to create transformation and illumination. 

Meet Alexandra

A creative mind, a passionate heart, aspires to inspire through movement, connection and story!

Drawing upon her extensive experience as a somatic arts practitioner and her training in Eastwest Shin Somatics® and Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and Dance from Texas A&M University, Alexandra has cultivated a truly innovative approach to holistic well-being inspired by nature.

Alexandra is on a mission to guide individuals towards a profound interconnectedness of wholeness and Soma (the body as experienced). She’s passionate about elevating the human experience by empowering individuals to tap into their deepest emotions, connect with their bodies through movement for healing, and discover their place and purpose in the vast tapestry of life through somatic practices.

With a deep reverence for Indigenous cultures and her own ancestry, Alexandra weaves ritual elements. To be in her nurturing energy is to be enveloped in a safely grounded, intentional space infused with a playful, motherly warmth. It’s a trusted sanctuary where you’re encouraged to explore, express, and experience the full spectrum of your being free from judgment and expectation.

Love Us?

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“Alexandra is an incredible guide! I felt so supported, cared for, and seen throughout our experience. She has a calm and grounding presence which you immediately tap into! Alex checks in with you at the very beginning, talks you through what is going to happen, and answers any/all questions that arise. She’s such a gift and incredibly talented when it comes to working with the body & spirit.
If you’re feeling the tug to book a session—just book it! I’m so happy I did. I was able to work through things in my body I both knew and didn’t know I needed to. Just some of what I experienced: neck pain, gone! A “popped” hamstring, 80% healed!
You’ll feel so calm and grounded after. The gift of time and care for yourself is the greatest gift you could give and receive.”


“Alexandra led a somatic healing session for my Hustle + Socialize community during our Galentine’s Day event. Alexandra made us feel seen and heard and also safe. She was very intuitive and held space for all of us to heal and to be held in such a beautiful way. She took her time in taking us through each of her processes and was so kind and gentle in the way she brought somatic healing to our event. I 100% recommend having Alexandra as your somatic healer!”

– Christina

“I loved that Alexandra started the somatic movement session with a recognition of and gratitude for our land and the people that came before us here. It made me feel connected to the space we were/are in.
The questions she started with made me feel heard. I felt like she really listened to what I said I wanted out of our time together, but she also intuited beyond that. I enjoyed the variety within the somatic healing session and left feeling more spiritually connected and supported. If you’re thinking about a somatic movement session, do it! I am new to somatic healing, but know that I felt a shift and an opening (clearing) from my time with Alex.”

– Shea

“Somatic movement with Alexandra was exactly what I didn’t know I needed. I was instantly connected with myself in ways I had not been in years. At the same time, I was educated by Alexandra on the reasons for each experience and what the research says to support it. Those components all made me value somatic work and speak more confidently about it.”


“Holy shit, your shit works! It works! At first, I thought let me just see what’s up and have a somatic session. I’ve done a lot of different type of healings, and nobody does this the way you do. I feel like me doing this session has helped me focus on myself, and on my business to move things forward a lot faster. You knew so much, you have an entire ritual, you know what you’re doing. I could feel the truth in your energy. I feel so much better and completely energized. Thank you!”


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